Working with various clients brings many evaluations, It is impossible to post all evaluations here in full on this website, thus i have chosen to post a selection from those evaluations & feedback, so you still can get a clear picture from the contents. Underneath you will find the selection out of the evaluations from my work by customers.



Commitment and motivation can be defined as excellent without a doubt. 
In spite of various events outside the influence of Björn, he has always committed himself for the full 100%. This was not always easy given his lengthy travel times, and distances.
For the project team, and certainly for Philips, Björn has played a crucial role for the acceptance and administration of the Elise application and environments. This has contributed in realizing a timely and technical correct delivery towards Phillips off the environment by us.
Technical skills; No remarks can be made. The project knew a complex Philips infrastructure with a wide range of supporting tools which operated in a certain consistency. Linux 64 bits, SAP Portal technology, J2EE and Java and Oracle in a clustered environment. Not simple for sure.
Quality of work: His reporting and created documentation are surprisingly bright and clear. Especially given the complexity of the work environment Björn is capable to write clear analysis etc. This is truly remarkable.
By nature Björn has an open and constructive way of communicating, both internally as towards the customer. In stressful moments this is good to get things clear quickly. This has been recognized as a positive skill.
In spite of the applied pressure on Björn he stayed calm and continued to think along with the customer.


FEEDBACK from PROJECT LEaD from customer , MANAGEMENT customer, other external consultants

Technical skills: Björn is not just capable to give advise about his knowledge of SAP XI but also of areas that are in line of that like, SLD, NWDI/CMS, and connection to SAP Portal. In the area of XI you know to educate both un-experienced as experienced persons with something new.
Focus on result: Cases that Björn will handle, will always be delivered. Even when a lot of research and investigations are required to do that.
Work attitude and motivation: The work attitude and motivation of Björn are above average.
In a new Portal Project I would love to have Björn in my team again.
Intellectual / analytical skills: Björn always communicates a clear overview of the various aspects of a project and will point out the weak spots and dangers. He knows how to think ahead, which was very valuable in the project at Essent, because several issues were detected in time by Björn.
Quality of work: Björn delivers solid and high quality product. Cutting corners is not in his vocabulary and realization of his solutions are always well thought out.
Björn is a very nice consultant to work with. Also because of Björn, the team spirit has become so good that we simply forget we are actually not real colleagues.
Intellectual / analytical skills: Björn is very good in analyzing problems. That is because he is technical and very capable, but also because he is very strong analytically. Even with the most complex issues we had Björn could very quickly point out the real problem area.
Work attitude and motivation: Björn is always committed to the customer, both in helping determine the vision of a customer as in solving actual problems. When discussions are made which according to him are not in the benefit of the customer he will point out the consequences for the customer.
Björn is an excellent work force that has done his job at Essent with a enormous commitment.
You have been a high added value in this period. Both in knowledge as in personality you have been one of the driving forces. Thank you for your commitment and humor in this past period!



Effort and Motivation: Björn showed exceptional effort and motivation during a job with the customer. At very short notice he made himself available on site over a weekend, and continued to work nights until the problem was resolved. To do this disrupted his personal and his work life, yet he still remained very motivated and dedicated. I have the utmost respect for this kind of dedication, which is significantly more of what could be reasonably asked for.
Technical Skills: Björn’s technical skills were exactly what was required, and why he became a very valid member of the escalation team.

LOGICA Colleagues about me:

All projects we have done so far together have been completed successfully with satisfied customers which is a clear gauge.
Intellectual / analytical skills: Very good. Björn is capable in both ‘overviewing the big picture’ as finding the core problem quickly and with dedication.
Björn committed himself to the max to make the RFID demo centre to a success. XI in relation to RFID technics in AutoID appeared to be not a real proven combination. In spite of that Björn wrestled himself through all situations independently. Commitment was shown in all these occasions that you even did checks or adjusted things for colleagues from home in evenings or weekends. Sometimes also even when it was not asked from you, top class!
During this project Björn detected issues timely. Björn is very sociable. At first Björn came across real quiet and calm, but yet professional. I struggled to estimate you at first (might be my bad too;), but the further the project progressed the more your commitment became obvious.
Björn communicates clear and honestly. Because of this, he is a very nice colleague to coöperate with. He is always available for questions or help. Also he will use his own network when he needs help himself.
Björn strives to deliver the desired result at the desired moment. He takes initiative and a pro-active attitude towards parties he is dependent of in order to reach his goal.
In this hectic project it was of utmost importance to be able to communicate well with each other. There is nothing to criticize here. Björn was forced to work based on minimal instructions, but felt the solution perfectly and came with valuable propositions. With that he added an important contribution to deliver the total architecture design.
Björn isa real team player. He will look for commitment and alignment of his ideas and insights, and has added important new insights. He performed important research to possible implementation of SAML and later to implement a LDAP solution in order to enable Single Sign On (SSO) over multiple servers (PHP and SAP).
My impression: a professional who seeks to expands his knowledge. If needed Björn has the courage to step out of the safe boundaries of known paths, but does this in a very controlled and deliberate manner.

Rock ICT –> KLM

FEEDBACK from PROJECTLEad, TECHNIcal PROJECTLEad and a co worker/SAP Consultant


“Björn has done a good job at the SAP Upgrade project (ECC 6.0 and BI 7.0) at KLM Engineering & Maintenance. Both the changes of BI 7.0 and ECC 6.0 were very successful. During these difficult changes and during the preparation, Bjorn was very composed in handling issues.”
Excellent person to join forces with. Wide and deep knowledge of several aspects of SAP like Java, Security and Portal. As well a profound technical expertise as well a wide functional/business approach. Besides work a great person to debate about a whole range of subjects. No doubt to accelerate to combine strategies in the future.
Björn performed the upgrade to SAP ECC6 and SAP BI7 very well. The total lead time of this project was around 1 year. Björn is serious and someone you can rely on. He keeps a good overview during complex situations and remains critical to himself as well as other specialists in a project. Björn is not satisfied if things are done for 95%. Furthermore he can work very independent and needs only limited guidance. I will without any doubt hire him for other technical SAP projects.

Rock ICT –> Kadaster

FEEDBACK from another external SAP consultant


Björn is a colleague for whom flexibility comes first: he is always available when the customer needs him, be it during the day, at night or on weekends. Besides that, the diversity of his knowledge is striking. Finally it’s also his great sense of humor which makes it extremely pleasurable to work with him.

*All statements are reflections of employee interactions with Rock ICT and do not necessarily represent the opinion of their respective company.